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Best Social Media Marketing

Amplify your message to a broader social audience with the best social media marketing agency.

Our Detailed SMM services

SMM Strategy Building

    Our managers assess your business category, objectives, and competitors to build a social media marketing strategy.

Paid Social Campaigns

    Paid ads with a custom audience using high-quality imagery, videos, and call-to-actions with split-testing afterward.


    Enhance the posts' reach to the maximum audience using relevant tags, reviews, links, hashtags, and correct posting.

Content Marketing

    Grab customer attention with engaging and relatable copywriting captions for posts, stories, ads, and comments.

Our Social Posting Process


We start with researching companies out-performing in the industry, their plans, strategy, and trending content ideas.

Prepare Materials

The design and writing team works together to create engaging content and schedule posts for perfect post timing.


The managers at NoviClicks, the top social media marketing firm, post content on relevant platforms using ideal tags.


The next step involves optimizing posts with links, interactions, and high-value keywords through paid or unpaid plans.

Assess Metrics

The social media metrics like impressions, clicks, comments and shares indicate how well the post is performing.

Analyze Performance

After the campaign, our team evaluates CTR and ROI, identifies weak areas, analyzes the KPIs, and adopts effective techniques.


Why Choose Us

Boosts CTR

NoviClicks enhances your click-through rate and guarantees lead to your website.

Audience Engagement

We engage with your target audience at the right time to enhance brand visibility.

Competitive Analysis

Our experts analyze success metrics and update marketing strategies timely.

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Frequently asked questions

Need to know more? Read our faqs.

SMM is a great marketing strategy common among all well-known brands. Out of all the time spent on the internet, people spend the most time on social media. Thus, it is a great way to reach more audiences. Moreover, ad campaigns there are relatively inexpensive and straightforward. Social apps target younger audiences prone to trying new and trendy things. The right image, poster, or video on your social channel can go trending within a few hours, generating high success metrics.
Different social media apps are helpful for different kinds of brands. It's all a matter of research and selecting the right platform. Brands usually get caught up in trends and waste time on newer social channels. It's blunt and inconsiderate. Instead, take time to research and consult about the platforms where your business category works better. For instance, if you are selling photography services, Instagram is your ideal app.
Depending on your business goals, your marketing agency may use different metrics to measure success. The standard metrics used by the best social media marketing company include: Impressions - The audience you are reaching Engagement - The audience engaging with your posts/updates Mentions and shares - How many people are talking about your brand The number of Followers - Measuring the increase in followers with each campaign Click Through Rate - The audience drawing towards your website
Social media management is a time-taking task. It requires constant attention and updates. Though solo entrepreneurs or startups usually manage their social channels independently, they don't get past enough audience to boost sales. In that case, hiring the best social media agency is crucial.

The top social media marketing firms manage and take notes of everything, from the posts' time, type, and frequency. They boost potential posts and ads to relevant audiences and engage in conversation with trendy topics relative to your industry.
Honestly, how often you post promotional content on social media depends on extensive factors like time, budget, and the scope of your business. Posting once a week is considered ideal for small brands or solo entrepreneurs. However, experts suggest posting after every two days. NoviClicks uses the latest social media marketing tools to measure frequency and identify the number of posts needed for your brand. This ensures your followers don't get irritated with too frequent or rare updates.
Social media time varies with businesses and geographical locations. As most people work during the day, they usually check their social channels in the evening or at night. However, it may differ with your brand category. The manager from the top 10 social media marketing agencies can analyze the better time for your business postings and advertisements. Thus, seeking help from professionals is recommended.
Social media marketing cost depends upon the extent of your business and its visibility goals. Anyhow, we believe the paramount price of social media updates is time. Creating and uploading posts, stories, and videos takes much time. Plus, a quality social media marketing firm also engages with the relevant audience to enhance your business growth. All of this requires time and dedication that only a professional marketing firm like NoviClicks can handle.
With surges in its popularity, brands start social media marketing campaigns just for the sake of trend. They forget that not investing enough time and attention on their social channel will not get them anything. Some brief reasons for social media marketing failure include: Not selecting the right platform as per your services/products Posting the same content on all social apps and not optimizing them with each one's specifications Improper use of hashtags and tags Low-quality images, posters, or videos Not posting enough or posting too frequently Not having a manager to engage with the audience

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