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starting a business blog

How To Start A Blog In 2022

If you are here to read, congratulations! You have made your first step to create your own blog. Don’t know how to progress further? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.


You may have been making search queries like “can you make money blogging?” and “how much do bloggers make?” long enough. Well, it might be the time for you to stop looking at others and take a step forward. With this comprehensive guide for starting a business blog in 2022, you can start earning even before you know it.

8 easy steps to starting a business blog

Listing your objectives

First and foremost, sit down with a pen and paper (an excel sheet also works) and write in clear words what your expectations are from your blog. Setting up goals and objectives is essential to succeed in this industry. Some of the metrics you can write include


1- Having a specific number of readers in a year  

2- Generating a percentage in revenue

3- Specify a goal for Click-Through-Rate 

4- Getting specific leads

starting a business blog

Determining niche and topics

Once you know what goals you are looking to fulfill through blogging, it’s time to decide what your blogs will be about. You can search the internet for blog ideas related to your business. You can also look at your competitors and see what topics they cover. Finally, select a specific niche and find topics for your blog.   


Setting a CMS for blogging 

This is a complex and highly technical step. But worry not; we will get you through it in easy ways. The creation step requires two things; a blog host and blogging software. For people starting a business blog, their website is usually their host. However, you can select blog host companies like BlueHost if your business doesn’t have a website.


Now let’s go toward the creation process. To create a successful blog, you need a Content Management System (CMS). The most common CMS is WordPress, as it is easier, quicker, and customizable. You can simply research how to start a WordPress blog and get your blog running.    


Create a blogging schedule 

Creating an editorial calendar is our favorite thing in blogging. In this step, your team will build a detailed monthly plan about what to cover within a specified timeframe. You can prepare an excel sheet for this task or simply download a free editorial calendar.


For days, you can set up a to-do list, including things like the posting dates, topics to write on, keywords to target, goals, promotion strategies, and analysis methods. This blogging schedule helps you manage tasks more effectively and keeps a clear track of your goals. 


Writing a draft

Get your writers, developers, and SEO experts to write a coverup for your blog. The developers will design the blog, while IT professionals will provide relevant keywords. Soon after, the blog writer will prepare a sample draft for your blog. It will mention the heading, points to cover, concluding remarks, and keywords to insert. If you are a solopreneur or run a startup, we believe a draft will make things clear on the front.   

Complete the blog and proofread it.

Write the blog as per the draft, answering the topic questions. When you are done, edit and proofread it several times to remove grammar or keyword errors. At last, cross-check with the draft’s “points to cover.” 


Publish it

If you are using WordPress for blogging, go over the dashboard on the left panel and select “Posts.” Select “Add Post,” paste your content, and simply press the publish button. You can also schedule it for a later time. 


Apply SEO and marketing tactics 

Once you have published your blog, don’t just sit there waiting for clicks. Instead, promote it. You will require an SEO expert’s services to rank it on the search results. You can also do paid promotions. For free marketing, you can post the blog link on your social media handles.

Final Thoughts

Digital branding is a highly in-demand tool to set up your business. One such category of branding is creating a blog post. Starting a business blog in 2022 is easier than you thought. However, managing it with the perfect content writing and SEO services holds much weight. You can rely on NoviClicks for exceptional and trusted blog marketing services. So, hire our experts, follow our easy step-by-step guide, and don’t go on searching for how to make a blog. Happy blogging! 

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